Deposed Orthodox Clergy

"For the sole benefit to warn the Church/Ecclesia"


            The purpose of publishing deposed clergymen under the authority of our Greek Pan/Ukrainian Orthodox Jurisdiction, is to warn the faithful flock of God under the Pan Orthodox ecclesiastical umbrella and mantel of the removal of any God given anointing which originally was placed there to serve his people.  Error can be repented, apostasy can be repented, mistakes can be corrected, but rebellion is of satan and removes any possibility of Holy Spirit led correction.  The following clergymen, hierarchs have scandalized the ecclesia of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the Holy Orthodox Church.  This scandalization includes homosexuality, rebellion, movements of disunity, and even support of so called (Syro-Chaldean) which is now known as Baghdad, Iraqi influence and/or supporters, enemies of the United States.  Unity is paramount to the flock of Christ to be shepherded.  Orthodoxy is collegiate ecclesia.  We are not independent as protestant churches, the first church operated as bishopric counsels and ecumenical meetings.  The list we now publish have canonical violations which underline their rebellion and respect for the ecclesiastical authority.  The body of Christ needs to know of hierarchs who profess autocephalous positions but insist upon being independent and disunited with our jurisdiction as well as the ecumenical Patriarchate.  There is one jurisdiction in particular using the Ukrainian Archdiocese, whose IRS group ruling in 1951 has its creditability. There is no Patriarchate in America calling itself Orthodox Catholic recognized or divinely anointed to serve in America.  This is a false misguided and misrepresentation of the authentic legitimate Ukrainian Archdiocese in America also known as Holy Ukrainian National Autocephalous Orthodox Church, in Exile, Blessings of Kiev. 



Previous Name

Date Deposed



Paul Lambert Bishop Paul

December 14, 2002

May 7, 2003

Canonical Violations


Metropolitan Haralambos
Bruce Knox Mar Odisu

February 10, 2003

May 7, 2003

Canonical Violations


Metropolitan Haralambos
Leo Czarnecki Deacon Joseph

December 14, 2002

Canonical Violations Metropolitan Haralambos
Paul W. Seese Archbishop Paul May 6, 1992 Resignation, Suspension Metropolitan Nikolaus, Archbishop Ande
Joseph Ande Archbishop Joseph Oct 26, 1997 Canonical Violations Metropolitan Nikolaus
Paul Seese       

Loyd W.Haney Jr.

Ollie D. Hollis Jr.

Mark Stewart 

Bishops Aug 8, 1999 Scandalous, Moral Incidents, Canonical Violations Metropolitan Haralambos

See Affidavit Bishop Christopher

Dean Morra

Robert Murtin


Bishop Gregory

Bishop Rob


June 16, 2002 Disrespect to Metropolitan Archbishop in writing Metropolitan Haralambos
Mark Harteis Archpriest Paul May 1, 1992 Canonical Boundaries as priest violated Metropolitan Nikolaus
Fr. Stefan Bishop Stefan Rescined to Priest
Apr 21, 2007
Ordained to Bishop w/o Release Metropolitan Haralambos