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Below you will find a brief explanation of all the courses for the four Fast Track Degrees. You must be given a password to enter into each assigned course by emailing to: Once you are given the password return to this Homepage and LOG INTO IT (UPPER RIGHTHAND CORNER) and enter password & click on the correct course and course number by scrolling down the page and this allows you to enter into the student program inside of MOODLE. Please follow the instructions inside MOODLE. God Bless! Email us if you have any concerns.

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Available Courses

  • The purpose of the Doctoral Course in Christian Psychology is to overcome fear, walk in peace, restore relationships where possible, to worship without pretense, to live responsibly, to distinguish spirits, to understand treatment of psychoses, neuroses, and substance abuse, and to serve as a Pastoral Counselor of all these things and more. This is a Fast Track course which is part of the Doctor of Divinity Degree. For those interested, the course may also serve as an introduction to our Doctor of Christian Pschology Degree and counts toward that degree.
  • The purpose of the Doctoral Course in Current Eschatology is to teach students to look for Christ in today’s events, in today’s church, to expect the restoration of all things and the Lord’s return, and what to look for. An eschatological awareness is more central to the Christian faith than many realize because the Christian Pastor is called to the ministry of reconciliation and restoration, which is the very ministry of Elijah, who before the great and terrible day of the Lord restores all things (Malachi 4:5-6). It is through faithful Christian pastors that the ministry and word of Elijah must be shared as the children are restored to the fathers and the fathers to their children for a united Body of Christ prepared as a Bride, lantern brightly lit by the DaySpring, for the consumation of all things.
  • The purpose of the Doctoral Level Course Teaching Practicum is to provide students with the knowledge and tools needed to teach courses online, at home satellites, or local churches.

  • The purpose of the Doctoral Level Course Comparative Homiletics is to teach students to critically evaluate homilies, sermons, and preaching of famous preachers of today and yesterday. Students are required to record their own sermons as a preparation for Pastoral ministry.
  • The purpose of the Doctoral Course in Evangelism and Soteriology is to teach students to compare and evaluate the variety of views of evangelism and soteriology which exist in order to present the authentic apostolic Gospel and method of proclaiming it not just by words but in power. The course is geared towards preparation to pastoral ministry and works toward mutual appreciation of differing viewpoints and approaches to evangelism, soteriology and mysiology.
  • The purpose of the Doctoral Level Course Liturgical Rites is to teach students to learn and appreciate liturgical rites of various traditions. For those in preparation for ordination to the Christian priesthood OJT (On the Job Training - Practicum) is required. Students of non-historical traditions must complete the liturgical appreciation units.
  • The purpose of the Doctoral Level Language Perimeter is to teach students Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic and Latin and provides the resources available to delve more deeply into the Word of God as well as tools to communicate in any form. Also provides resources for learning or using languages necessary for missions. The objective is to quickly prepare the pastor for relevant and insightful sharing in the Word of God through intimate knowledge of the original languages. And to offer resources to that end and for mission communications and training in languages other than English.
  • Cost: $200.00
    The purpose of the Doctoral Level Course Canon Law is to teach students to follow the rules and stay out of trouble. The aim is always to discern the spirit of the law and canon law theory, of course, rather than the letter of it. This is a comprehensive Canon Law study that covers diverse perspectives – Orthodox, Non-Chalcedonian, Roman Catholic, and numerous flavors of Protestant. The student will be required to provide an historical overview and contemporary outline and analysis for their denomination in their own words as a final project.
  • The purpose of the Doctoral Level Course Church Oganization and Administration is to teach students to be Pastors or Bishops of local churches in their respective denominations. Includes comparative administration, discussions of legitimacy and authority and practical lessons on managing finances and legal issues.
  • The purpose of the Doctoral Level Course Church History Analysis is to teach students to critically assess the history of the church from age to age with a discerning eye towards object lessons and consideration of solutions, beginning with Genesis straight through today looking forward. The course is particularly helpful for pastors because the prejudices of respected teachers are commonly reflected in their apologetics concerning the denominations they have chosen and though usually very well intended can promote anymosity based on misunderstanding, whereas mutual appreciation and intimate knowledge can have a healing effect which fosters unity, reconciliation and restoration. The end product is a better Christian witness among all and a world that hears the authentic Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • This course will provide the student with an understanding of how legal (law) is used to protect and defend Church entities.

  • Cost: $210.00

    Explores eschatological subjects: Mystery Babylon and Prophecy of Israel.

  • Counseling from a Christian perspective. Deals with issues of sexual morality, phsychosis, healthy attitudes without discarding faith.

  • Ancient languages and resources. Introduction and practice with the most common Hebrew and Greek Words. Some grammar discussed. Writing resources included.

  • This is an ecumenical church history course set chronologically from Pentecost through 727 AD, the date of the seventh ecumenical council.

  • Cost: $210.00

    Biblical Studies, Languages, History of Religions. Introduction to Manuscript and Textual Analysis. This is a general overview of the Bible that introduces resources and discusses how to use them in a Forum Discussion format.

  • Explores the meaning of baptism and the death and resurrection of Jesus.

  • The study of ancient and modern Chivalric Orders, their origins, legitimacy and legacy. The purpose of the orders is considered in terms of relevancy today.

  • Teaching principles for healing using Holy Scripture and testimony.  It's all about the real thing.  No need for many words here.  The course involves spiritual exercises and disciplines based on Holy Scripture and prayer and offers encouragement through testimonies.
  • Offers resources and rules for preparing and submitting an acceptable thesis from any ecclesiastical degree program.  Thesis requirements are detailed and this basic guide is to be used to assist students at all ecclesiastical degree levels. 
  • Avocational Sports Program: This is a program for those who are interested in learning the techniques centered around an underwater archaeological exhibition.  Taught by Capt. Robert Bouchlas Sr. the discoverer of The Nuestra Senora de las Maravillas Spanish Galleon Shipwreck which sank in 1656. H.O.S.A. Module 1 & Module 2: Students will develop appreciation for religious historical significant artifacts from salvage and exploration expeditions taught by Rev. Dr. Robert Bouchlas Sr. This course provides knowledge of historical Spanish shipwreck Era. Videos and manuals are part of these modules. A C.I.A.O. (Citizens Interested in Artifacts from Ocean) membership card can be issued. This track is optional and a separate non-degree certificate can be issued if student has completed The Bachelor of Theology Religious Degree.

  • To put it in the simple faith of some, this course teaches students about the genuinely apostolic Orthodox faith dating from Pentecost. The basic tenets of Orthodox Christianity will be discussed and compared with faith perspectives of other Christian traditions. And above all, we will discuss how to work towards realizing and becoming what the Church claims it is.
  • This is an overview of the history of the Church.
  • Students search the Holy Scriptures for answers to questions from the Old and New Testament. A simple course that builds familiarity and speed with use of resources, tools, and most importantly, the Bible itself.

  • Ten power packed lessons highlighting teachings from the Bible. Great for inspirational studies at home, home Bible fellowships or Satellite Classes in your church. A great introductory course for those who want to really get into the "meat" of the Word of God. Also serves as preparation for ordination and counts toward your degree. Compares the Four Gospels very closely. Inspirations from the community add a powerful touch.
  • Explores the real meaning of the New Manna and the New Wine and its significance for the Church today. Taught by Deacon Petros. You must become familiar with the his article, The New Manna. You will then have the opportunity to elaborate on it in a moderated social forum context. A relatively easy course, there are four exams of just ten questions each.
  • Use beginning Hebrew and Greek to gain a better understanding of the scripture and its interpretation. Basic introduction to the alphabets, a few very powerful meaning-packed words, and some simple concepts combined with the resources needed to delve deeper. The course is designed to bring you a very long way very quickly, not bog you down with impossible to learn languages. Fluency is voluntary. Tools are mandatory.
  • This course is designed to have students use the Concordance and resources to find answers in Holy Scripture.
  • This course provides an introduction to 21st Century prophetics by giving a very light overview of several different world happenings.
  • This course thesis provides an excellent philosophical analysis and pastoral counseling methodology on dealing with human suffering and mental illness and the research and thesis was accomplished by Dr. David Attard. 

  • This course is designed for those who are interested in learning about Orthodoxy.

  • Candidates are required to complete these prerequisite courses for possible anointing after further study for the Office of a prophet. See the Five Fold Ministry in the Holy Bible of Ephesians Chapter 4.

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We Take Seriously the Call to a Genuinely Apostolic Faith

Do you feel the Holy Spirit's call? Is it the voice of Jesus? St. Michael Academy of Eschatology is here to equip you, serve you, and unite with you in your journey to leadership. Whether you are called to join or lead a small group such as a Bible Study, or you are being asked to minister to a congregation, we provide training in divinity, in counseling, in theology and scripture online so that you can work at your own pace from the convenience of home.

Come discover with us the true meaning of a Pentecostal & Apostolic faith.You will be able to earn your way through our degree programs quickly, as you progress from course to course, either on a fast track, or within a more traditional time frame. We offer associates, bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees, as well as certifications for lay leaders and ordinations for those who qualify.

St. Michael Academy of Eschatology contends earnestly for that faith which was once for all handed to the saints (Jude 1:3). We compare and contrast Orthodox, Catholic and Reformed tradition views. And we welcome Christians of all denominations to join with us to study the scriptures, to seek God's face and to unite in St. Michael the Archangel Defeating the Prince of Persia & Satanapostolic grace and the restoration of all things (Mt 17:11).

We invite you to share together with us the Word of God and discover what it truly means to be a royal priesthood (1Pt 2:5,9).